Wood fencing

The picket fence is an ideal that stands as an iconic part of the United States. If it was good enough for Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, it should work for your home. The beauty of the material is that it can work with any style of house or landscape. That’s because you can find many different styles and shapes of wood. Combined with a bucket of paint or a simple stain, the design of your fence is entirely up to you.

Selecting the perfect wood fencing for your home depends on how long you intend to stay. Pressure-treated wood offers longevity that other materials cannot match. It comes across as a bit more polished and thereby less rustic than other options, though.

The other advantage of wood fencing is that it’s inexpensive. Keeping in mind that raw materials will include other factors, such as pickets, rails, fence posts, and swinging gates, you can build a wood fence for less than almost any other material. Research suggests homeowners spend between $1,533 and $3,470 on wood fencing.

Finally, the one problem with wood that’s unavoidable is bugs. Many critters love the taste and smell of wood. You’ll want to treat your fence with insecticides if an infestation occurs. Otherwise, insects will nest in your wood, causing rotting that will reduce the lifespan of your purchase.

Maintaining your wood fence

Rotting and warping are common issues with wood fencing, but there are several methods for preserving your investment.

  • Metal posts can be used to protect fence posts from water and moisture damage and preserve the support and structure of your fence.
  • Fencing can be treated with a water-repellant solution to protect against warping and insect damage.
  • Staining can give your fence a custom look and help it to blend with the surroundings, as well as seal the wood to help prolong the life of your fence.

Popular Wood Fence Styles


Board on board

Shadow Box

What are you looking for?

  • Solid Board – Available with a cap rail for an estate look, this style also can be arched or scalloped for a flowing look that highlights the post, which can be finished with a decorative topping. Choice of 4″ or 6″ boards.
  • Tongue and Groove – This style of fence can be customized in many different styles and offers the benefit of being a double sided fence which is identical on each side of the fence.
  • Shadowbox – This privacy fence allows breezes to pass through, looks attractive from both sides and is easy to build.
  • Spaced-Picket – Popular for its versatility and perhaps the most traditional of American fences, it makes a good border while providing an open view.
  • Lattice or Spindle Topped – This privacy fence allows privacy yet provides vision through the custom top. The open design breaks a strong wind into a light breeze.
  • Stockade – Another popular early American style, it offers a classic New England look.
  • Vertical Board on Board – Another privacy fence, its attractive design requires three rails with boards attached to each side.
  • Cedar Round Rail – This fence combines an open view with exceptional sturdiness. The different types available allow you to create a unique look for your landscape. Add wire mesh inside the fence for containment of pets or children.
  • Western Red Split Rail – Western Red Cedar in either two or three rail design.
  • Locust Split Rail – West Virginia Split rail in either two or three rail design. A true Appalachian look.
  • Ranch Rail – A popular look for equestrian containment.
  • Wood Guard Rail – Traditional system for parking lots, parks golf courses etc.

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