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Chain Link Fences

Custom Chain Link Fences for Residential & Commercial Properties

Chain Link fencing stands out for its array of benefits:


Chain link, made from wire mesh, is much cheaper than wood or vinyl, making it ideal for large areas like pools, backyards, or property lines.


Its flexible mesh withstands falling limbs and high winds better than wood. This flexibility allows it to bend instead of break, and its strong gauge deters intruders by requiring them to cut multiple links, increasing the chance of detection.

Low Maintenance

Requires minimal upkeep compared to other fences as it typically only need occasional cleaning and inspection for repairs.


While common in residential areas for pools or backyards, chain link fencing is also widely used in commercial settings such as sports facilities, prisons, and company premises for security. Despite its practicality, wood is preferred in residential settings for its aesthetic appeal.

Considerations you should know

These are things you should consider:


Chain link fences are primarily designed for security, prioritizing utility over aesthetics. Nevertheless, they can be customized with coatings for color, fitted with slats to enhance privacy, and maintained easily to prevent rusting.


Chain link fencing is ideal for areas like pools and backyards due to its open weave, allowing clear visibility of activities on the other side. However, if privacy from prying eyes is a priority for your backyard, chain link fencing may not be the most suitable option.