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Aluminum Fences

Custom Aluminum Fences for Residential & Commercial Properties

If you’re in a tranquil area or comfortable with minimal privacy, aluminum fencing is a good option for the following reasons: 

Low Maintenance

Aluminum fencing withstands weather and requires no repainting, ensuring years of use.


Aluminum fences offer the aesthetic appeal of traditional wrought-iron without the high cost.


Aluminum fences seamlessly blend with landscaping, come in various styles, and can be adjusted to accommodate your property's slope.

Rust Free

Unlike Iron, our Powdered coated aluminum is rust-resistant, ensuring durability and a pristine appearance over time.

Considerations you should know

These are things you should consider:

Height and Security

Determine the height of the fence based on your privacy and security needs.

Ideal for Pools

Aluminum fences are ideal for pool code compliance, this allow you to have a fence around your open pool and not lose your beautiful view.


Ensure the fence is made from high-quality aluminum that is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Cheaper aluminum fences may warp in high winds.